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Case Study 7

Large Distribution/Logistics Organisation


A distribution centre employing approximately 600 people had developed a culture of conflict with regular disagreements between management and staff representatives.

Disputes and restrictive working practices were common and levels of efficiency and performance were low.

The Managing Director and his team were determined to change this and create a more collaborative approach where the style of management was significantly different and the workforce more generally was involved in the day to day running of the business.



Following a brief from the Managing Director and 1:1 discussions with each of the leadership team, DDA Consulting helped create and implement a strategy to achieve this vision. The overall approach included helping:
  • The top team create their vision of success

  • Involve a significant number of staff at all levels to contribute to improving the vision

  • To design and facilitate a series of Management and Team Leader Workshops to promote and develop skills for the new approach

  • Mixed groups of staff at all levels identify and address priority issues that needed to change

  • Train internal facilitators to run workshops



Over a period of six to twelve months the organisation experienced a significant improvement in performance and efficiency. The level of involvement of staff at all levels in solving issues at work was one key reason for these improvements. Motivation increased as evidenced by the reduction in the number of grievances and disputes.

The next few years saw a significant transformation in the predominant management style, from a directive, sometimes aggressive approach to a much more involving and coaching style.

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